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CryoTape is an advanced, ingredient-infused kinesiology tape that provides a curated recovery and pain relieving formula, including CBD, an ingredient celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. In tandem, CryoTape provides education in holistic solutions that improve pain and quality of life. 

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Culture Care Collective is a hybrid health support solution (face-to-face and interactive digital app) where community health workers (CHWs) are integrated into clinical care teams to communicate with, and coordinate care for minoritized groups in order to increase access to socially supportive healthcare at low costs.  Their multi-phase care model design enables the delivery of such care, and a holistic approach to support, to individuals with chronic conditions, referred to the program by their traditional care team members.

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ETTCOR is revolutionizing the expandable mobility industry with a powerful and reliable on board hydraulic system, deploying and retracting with the push of one button in  less than 30 seconds. Their unique R.A.D.D.O (Renewable Air Decarbonizing Deployable Operator)  provides energy, cost and time efficiency, environmental compliance and mobility in deployment. 


Looq Sensing Technologies (Looq) is developing a novel, patent-pending interactive multi-sensing display that will revolutionize the way we communicate remotely with one another, by providing a wearables-free, immersive experience that is only available to gamers today.

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Stapgen is in a mission to see a world with significantly less diabetes occurence. The have patented the STAP Test, to detect the likelihood of diabetes 5 years before it occurs. The Test measures Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase (IAP) in the stool well before the actual process of pathogenesis begins.

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