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Our Innovation Partners

The Massachusetts Innovation Network partners with other key organizations in order to extend additional resources and event opportunities to our community of innovators. 



FORGE is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 organization that connects startups with compatible, forward-thinking manufacturers, design firms, and engineers. We make right-fit introductions between this diverse network of suppliers and well-prepared, well-supported startups creating exciting new physical products and components. The connections we make at FORGE help bring innovative products to market, create long lasting, mutually beneficial, collaborative business relationships, which ultimately fuel our local economy. 


FORGE works closely with our startups to understand their business needs and connect them to the right type of manufacturer or supplier for the job. We also work closely with our extensive network of manufacturers, design firms, and engineers to source the right partner for our startups’ supply chain needs. By working with FORGE, our Supply Chain Network gains access to some of the most innovative startups in the region.

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The Massachusetts Innovation Network and The Middlesex 3 Coalition are working together, to leverage their respective strengths and provide regional networks of economic growth, sustainable entrepreneurial support, and workforce development. The partnership is funded by the Massachusetts Office of Business Development (MOBD) and is available to all Middlesex 3 Communities. 

The cornerstone of the program is the establishment and development of a Mentor-Mentee Network. Experience business leaders will provide experience, insight, and guidance that can help small business owners, founders, and entrepreneurs, develop their strategic thinking, move their ideas forward, leverage opportunities, mitigate risk, and cultivate the soft business skills required to succeed in their markets. 


Corporate Entrepreneurship Network

Technology driven innovation and the rapid growth of global entrepreneurship, has changed the traditional innovation model resulting in the emergence of a collaborative ecosystem. In response to this new environment, large global companies have aggressively augmented their internal innovation activities with a variety of more “external facing” efforts that include corporate VC, open innovation, tech scouting, distributed innovation and incubation centers, etc. The Corporate Entrepreneurship Network provides connection opportunities within this community as well as to the external ecosystem. To find more about this great group of strategics go to:



The Assabet Valley Innovation Alliance (AVIA) Project is a rapid deployment effort by two 501(C)(6) non-profit organizations; the Massachusetts Innovation Network, and the Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce. Funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the project's initial objective is to leverage the two organizations' complementary strengths to help kick-start a post-COVID economic revival in the Assabet Valley Region, starting with Hudson, Maynard, Stow, Bolton, and Berlin. Two year's later, the program is still strong in providing entrepreneurs and small business owners with tailor-made, individualized mentorships and the technical assistance they need to succeed in business.




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