The 2022 Eddies Nomination Phase is now Closed.

Thank you to all who nominated a company to the program.

Third parties are invited to nominate a company for an Eddies Award (formerly New England Innovation Award), provided that the nominated company fulfills the following criteria:


  • it is based in New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont),

  • employs no more than 150 people, 

  • has developed a product, service or technology that is disrupting its market, and falls into one of the following tracks: 

  1. Cleantech, Greentech & Bluetech & Sustainable Living

  2. Healthy Living & Well-Being 

  3. Tech, Deeptech & A

  4. Smart Cities, Smart Living, Buildings & Construction 

  5. Life Sciences (Biotech, Medical Devices, Pharma)

  6. Minority-Owned

  7. Robotics

  • and can benefit from 16 weeks of strategic advise, mentorship and coaching

Please Note: Nominated Companies do NOT need to send in an application form, and are waived the Application Fee. 

Applicants can't nominate themselves; only third parties can. Applicants should just send in an Application Form.

Thank you to all who nominated a startup; the 2022 Nomination Process is now closed.