The 2022 Global Eddies will Showcase 8-10 International companies with plans to expand their operations the U.S. Market.


The objective of the Showcase is to act as a Virtual Debut Platform, an Innovation Bridge between countries, and an Educational Platform on the local ecosystem. 

Eligibility Criteria include:

  • A Cutting-Edge Product or Technology, beyond the Ideation Phase, in the areas of:

    • Deep Tech & Artificial Intelligence,

    • Green-, Blue- and Clean- Tech,

    • Life and Health Sciences,

    • Robotics,  

    • Smart Living & Smart Cities.

  • small- to medium- sized companies (not exceeding 150 employees or Series C Funding - or equivalent);

  • headquartered outside the United States;

  • with plans to soft-land in New England in the near future. ​​


Participating companies will deliver a 6-7 minute virtual presentation about their technology, followed by 2-3 minute Q&A. Attendees will have the chance to meet and interact with the presenters in virtual rooms, after all the presentations are complete. 

NOMINATIONS: Everyone and anyone is invited to Nominate a company to participate, provided that the above Eligibility Criteria are met. If a company is nominated, the Application Fee is Waived.


APPLICATION FEE (non-refundable): $75

From mid-January to mid-March, Individualized Coaching/Mentoring Services will be available to all those accepted to present on March 22nd, and a number of informational webinars will be offered to help them familiarize themselves with the area's ecosystem. Please refer to the Resources & Programs page for detailed information. ​