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The 2024 Global Eddies Application Period is now closed.   

The Global Eddies is an Integrator Program, designed to help

international innovative startups and founders

soft-land or launch in the U.S.

It culminates with a Hybrid Demo Day during which 

 the cohort companies present their technologies

to ecosystem representatives.

The 2024 Demo Day is scheduled for 

Wednesday March 27, 2024 at 9 am EST.


The Global Eddies serve a dual purpose:  

  1. To inform and educate international startups about all aspects of doing business in the Northeast, with an emphasis on Massachusetts, and 

  2. To serve as a Virtual Debut Platform, an Innovation bridge between countries, that creates awareness about global technologies and allows the formation of relationships between parties.

Eligibility Criteria for applying to the Global Eddies include:

  • A Cutting-Edge Product or Technology, beyond the Ideation Phase, in the areas of:

    • AI

    • Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

    • Deep Tech & Artificial Intelligence

    • Green-, Blue- and Clean- Tech

    • Life Sciences

    • Healthy Living, Nutrition and Wellness

    • Robotics

    • Autonomous Vehicles

    • Smart Living, Buildings and Materials  

  • Small- to Medium- Sized entities (not exceeding 150 employees or Series C Funding - or equivalent);

  • Headquartered outside the United States, or Founded by Foreign Founders and having launched in the area.

  • Have Established or Plan to Establish a base in Massachusetts. ​​

Selected companies will receive programming designed to help their familiarization with the local ecosystem. Some of the themes explored include: 

  • Basic Introduction to the Ecosystem,

  • Innovative Hubs & Clusters in the area,

  • Resources Available to Startups,

  • Incubator & Accelerator Overviews and Comparisons,

  • Alternative Legal Entities, Pros & Cons (Corporation, LLC, Subsidiary, Sales Office, etc)

  • The B.A.I.L. (Banker, Accountant, Insurance Agent, Lawyer) Team and what they each offer,

  • TradeMarks, Secrets and IP Protection across Countries,

  • Pitching U.S. Investors, and Slide Deck Guidance,

  • Refining your UVP (Unique Value Proposition),

  • Cultural Nuances Influencing Business Relationships.

Furthermore, they will receive 12-week bespoke mentorship, tailor-made to their specific objectives for entering the U.S. market, and guidance to deliver their most effective pitch on March 27th. The 5-minute will focus on their technology, and be followed by 5-minute Q&A. ​

APPLICATION FEE (non-refundable): $90​



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