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The 2023 Cohort features innovators and startups from China, England, Germany, Greece, Holland and Switzerland.


Boston Cryogenics is developing next-generation patent-pending cryogenic cooling technologies for cooling quantum computers, superconducting magnets, cryogenic detectors and sensors, etc. The technologies, mainly focusing on pulse tube (PT) cryocoolers, incorporate higher efficiency, higher cooling capacity, lower vibration, and lower manufacturing cost compared to any existing cryocoolers.

Quantum computers are scaling at an astounding rate. The next-generation (PT) cryocooler meets the rapidly increasing demands. The reduced cost and vibration of the next-generation PT cryocooler make it possible to compete with Gifford-McMahon (GM) cryocoolers used in existing cryopumps for semiconductor production and magnetic-resonance-image (MRI) systems for medical diagnostics.


Helvia delivers the next-generation go-to Experience Management (XM) platform, using artificial intelligence (AI) and conversational bots. Their end-to-end account management automation can support employees, customers and sales leads through AI-powered solutions, including guidance, ticket creation and seamless link to live chat. The solution can be tailor-made, built on their customers' existing framework, so you can leverage the strength of your existing investment in systems you have already put in place.


IMcoMET has developed a medical device to enable precision medicine to prevent ineffective treatment of melanoma patients. It can extract a high concentration of biomarkers at the source of the problem: the skin tumour. The biomarkers provide a detailed profile of the tumour, which is used to determine the best treatment strategy  for each patient. Melanoma is our first target market. (The technology can also help the diagnostics of other multibillion dollar diagnostic markets for other diseases), a novel therapeutic approach to address walking and balance impairments due to Parkinson's disease. AMPS improves patients' walking and overall balance, improving the management of motor blocks and freezing of gait. 


Lipotype provides a solution to currents lipid measurement standards of hospitals and doctors only measuring a patient's two lipid parameters: triglycerides and cholesterol (LDL, HDL). In reality, thousands of lipids exist, present in diseases such as cancer, depression, stroke and diabetes. These lipids cannot be measured in the hospital. Lipotype has developed the Shotgun Lipidomics Technology (mass spectrometry) which allows quantitatively measuring the full spectrum of lipids. Lipotype provides a holistic “lipid fingerprint” of a given sample. Lipotype offers lipid analysis (“lipidomics”) as a fee for service for industry (biotech, pharma, food, cosmetics) and academia B2B customers. 


MACAT is an EdTech company, world leader in critical thinking solutions that transform the way people learn, work and live. They offer professionals and learners worldwide, a learning, assessment and development ecosystem. This imparts the knowledge and skills that advance critical thinking with precision, by placing them on a robust, evidence-based learning path. This builds the foundation on which other essential 21st century skills can be developed.


machineMD is a medical device company, founded by a neuro-ophthalmologist in 2019, that develops innovative solutions to radically improve early detection of brain disorders such as stroke, multiple sclerosis and brain tumors. Today in the US, the average waiting time to see a neuro-ophthalmologist is 200 days, and neuro-ophthalmic diagnoses performed by other medical specialists are incorrect nearly 50% of the time. Neos, is a unique combination of virtual reality and artificial intelligence, which will empower neurologists and ophthalmologists with reliable and quantified diagnostic data.

Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 11.16.58 AM.png

Sonix is a DeepTech software  startup that has developed a solution to cut the internet latency by 10x, enabling remote people to interact, play music or games, as if they were in the same room. The solution has been tested successfully over the last few months with professional musicians, festivals, and e-sport gamers, and full product launch is scheduled for March of 2023.

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